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Xiangyu (Allen) Zhang is a professional in real estate investment, buying and selling, helping high-valued clients make intelligent decisions in investment, with business analysis master degree from Boston University and certificate from Harvard Business School. Allen’s work experience in NYC's top real estate private equity builds his investment strategy. He can combine his analysis skills with the real estate market to provide clients with better investment suggestions.


Focuses on Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and long island. With over three years of real estate work experience, Allen can find out clients’ favorite houses and condos efficiently and accurately according to the location, decoration, layout, and characteristics of the property. Allen is also an investor in flipping houses and has been into house-flipping projects for over a year. He knows houses’ structure, construction materials, and interior decoration.


Allen was born into a China business family. The environment lets him know the key to making a deal and how to negotiate the price. That’s the reason why Allen can always make a great deal for his clients. Allen is really into jazz music, wines, and artwork collection, especially impressionism, and realism. It will be a good journey and experience to discover the property you like in New York with Allen.

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