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Zihui (Cathy) Huang


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Cathy Huang is one of the rising stars in the New York City real estate market. In 2020, she led her team to achieve $163 million deals across the New York Metropolitan Area. After spending more than five years developing a resourceful network with various real estate development companies, expanding in the luxury real estate market, and leading an elite real estate team, Cathy decided to take her company further. Therefore, she founded Acre NY Realty Inc., a brokerage firm that leverages cutting-edge marketing strategies to address the clients’ needs first.


Cathy was born in a family of real estate business in Guangdong, China. Cathy’s father, an experienced real estate developer, is her role model who has influenced Cathy in many ways. She spent much time with her father on construction sites, and it planted a seed for love in the real estate industry.


Besides her passion for the real estate market, Cathy is an entrepreneur and media-savvy social marketer. She also values education and constantly encourages her team to expand their horizons in the ever-changing real estate market and life.

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