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Zihui (Cathy) Huang


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Cathy Huang is not just a name, but a burgeoning force in the New York City real estate arena. In 2020, she and her stellar team triumphantly closed deals worth a staggering $163 million across the expansive New York Metropolitan Area. With over half a decade dedicated to fostering symbiotic relationships with a myriad of real estate development companies, carving out a niche in the luxury real estate sector, and spearheading an elite squadron of real estate professionals, Cathy had an even grander vision. Consequently, she birthed Acre NY Realty Inc., a brokerage firm that ingeniously marries cutting-edge marketing tactics with an unwavering commitment to client-first service.

Cathy's roots trace back to Guangdong, China, where she was cradled in a family deeply entrenched in the real estate business. Her father, a seasoned and respected real estate developer, served as her lighthouse, profoundly shaping her perspective and approach towards the industry. Numerous hours spent on construction sites alongside her father nurtured an early and enduring affection for the real estate sector, a passion that has only intensified with time.

Yet, Cathy's professional persona isn't confined to the bounds of real estate. She is an entrepreneur at heart, a master of media, and a savvy social marketer. Her belief in the power of education is unwavering, and she persistently motivates her team to broaden their knowledge base, both within the dynamic landscape of the real estate market and beyond. Cathy Huang is a testament to the adage, "Passion is the genesis of genius."

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