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Kira Jia


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After living in New York for over 6 years, Kira has an extensive understanding of the unique economic and cultural New York City landscape. Coming from China, she speaks fluent Mandarin and has helped many overseas clients meet their goals, whether they are finding their sweet homes or initiating ambitious investment projects. 
With her background in performing arts administration and event planning from NYU, Kira is experienced in fortifying financial growth, leading negotiations, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Her expertise sits at the parallel between planning art events and real estate, prioritizing a gratifying, effortless experience for her customers.  She strives to match her clients with their dream homes based on their needs and her knowledge of the various neighborhoods of the city. 
With 3 years of experience in the New York real estate market, Kira specializes in selling, buying, and renting luxury apartments and new developments. As a proud member of Acre NY Realty, she is highly sensitive to the current market trends and only brings the best, most exclusive deals to her clients. As a detail-oriented and easygoing salesperson, she always ensures that her clients get the highest quality of service even after they settle down in the city. Her goal is to guide clients smoothly through the process of buying, selling, renting, and investing in properties.

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