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Luofeng Yuan



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As a professional licensed real estate agent, Luofeng Yuan is dedicated to providing exceptional leasing services to clients. Coming from China, with 5 years of studying abroad and renting experience, Luofeng understands the challenges and needs that arise during the leasing process. With meticulous attention to detail and a professional approach, he tailors the best solutions for each client. Whether it's a cozy apartment in Jersey City, a luxurious apartment in Manhattan, or a family house in Queens, Luofeng's keen grasp of details needs to enable him to accurately meet client preferences and budgets.

Building strong relationships with clients is at the core of Luofeng's work. Establishing an excellent and trustworthy reputation has always been his pursuit. He firmly believes that he can earn the trust and respect of clients through professional service and a sincere attitude. Outside of work, Luofeng enjoys basketball and go-karting to fuel his competitive spirit, which drives him to deliver outstanding service experiences to every future client with a resilient and dependable attitude.



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