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Yue Yu

Sales Manager


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Yue Yu is an accomplished real estate advisor and a seasoned New Yorker, proficient in both English and Mandarin Chinese. Over her five-year tenure in the New York City real estate industry, Yue has successfully orchestrated over $20,000,000 worth of purchase, sale, and rental transactions. In addition, she proudly leads one of Acre's most dynamic sales and rental teams, specializing in both residential and investment properties in the city.

Regarded as a top agent in the New York area, Yue is a seasoned veteran in assisting buyers, sellers, renters, and landlords across Manhattan, Newport, and Long Island City markets. Her comprehensive understanding of these diverse real estate landscapes ensures her clients receive expert guidance tailored to their specific needs.

Before discovering her passion for real estate, Yue obtained a Master's degree in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design. She then honed her marketing and problem-solving skills as a User Interface/User Experience Designer. This unique background has proven invaluable in her real estate career. Clients often commend Yue's proactive attitude, patience, sincerity, and exceptional negotiation skills.

Numerous property owners in New York City trust Yue's expert advice, often engaging her as the exclusive listing agent for their properties. Yue's affable nature and collaborative spirit extend to her colleagues as well, as she frequently assists in training new agents and nurturing their passion for the New York real estate market.

In her downtime, Yue enjoys exploring the city's vibrant restaurant scene and taking care of her beloved white Shiba Inu dog and black Himalayan cat.

Don't hesitate to reach out -- Yue and her team would be honored to help you actualize your real estate aspirations in the exciting New York market.

Yue Yu 是一名房地产顾问,长期居住在纽约。她精通英语和普通话。在纽约市房地产行业工作的五年中,Yue 进行了超过 20,000,000 美元的购买、买卖和租赁交易。 Yue 还是 Acre 领先的销售和租赁团队之一的负责人,负责纽约市的住宅和投资房产。

Yue 是纽约地区的顶级经纪人,也是曼哈顿、纽波特和长岛市市场的买家、卖家、租房者和房东等方面经验丰富的领跑者。

在进入房地产行业的之前,Yue 在帕森斯设计学院获得了设计和技术硕士学位,并担任用户界面/用户体验设计师,这磨练了她的营销和解决问题的技能。 Yue 的客户最常被她能为他们做的事和积极主动的态度所吸引,但也很欣赏她的耐心、真诚和谈判技巧。

纽约市的许多业主也相信 Yue 的购房建议,并聘请她作为他们房产的独家代理人。 Yue 为人友善,乐于团队合作,经常协助她的同事培训新经纪人,培养他们为纽约房地产市场服务的热情。在业余时间,Yue 喜欢在城里探索新餐厅,并照顾她的白色柴犬和黑色喜马拉雅猫。


立即联系我们——Yue 和她的团队很荣幸能帮助您实现您的房地产梦想。

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