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Tony Tsai


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Tony Tsai is the epitome of professionalism and efficiency in the high-stakes world of New York City real estate. As the visionary founder of Acre NY, Tony expertly steers a team of 13 specialists who have carved out a niche in the realm of luxury residential sales. Annually, his team executes sales exceeding a remarkable $127M in opulent condominiums, with an impressive average turnaround time of just three weeks. However, they are not just about bottom-line results. Tony's team prioritizes the construction of enduring client relationships, striving to ensure that every client experiences the pinnacle of satisfaction. Their commitment is underpinned by a profound understanding of the market, backed by their extensive expertise.

Tony's journey in real estate was paved in 2012, when he began his career in architecture. Five years later, his passion found a new outlet in the real estate market. A New York City resident for seven years, Tony intimately comprehends the challenges inherent in the quest for the perfect home in this bustling metropolis. With a resolute determination, he is committed to transforming this often daunting process into a seamless, enjoyable experience for his clients.

Tony Tsai is not just a name, but a symbol of dedication, efficiency, and unparalleled professionalism in the fast-paced, ever-evolving landscape of NYC real estate.

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