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Marcella Zhi



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Having made New York my home for the past 14 years, I have dedicated myself to the commercial land market of Long Island City, successfully brokering deals exceeding $50 million. My rich experience spans across sales and housing development, fostering an extensive accumulation of knowledge and contacts within the industry.

Currently, my focus is on the high-end residential rental market and condominium sales throughout New York City. My commitment is to provide each of my clients with premier property choices, ensuring they enjoy a relaxing and satisfying experience. My meticulousness and patience are instrumental in my approach, guaranteeing unparalleled service tailored to every individual client's needs.

In the vibrant and dynamic real estate landscape of New York, I am committed to transforming property dreams into reality.






定居于美国纽约14年 多年致力于皇后区长岛市商业地皮买卖市场 交易金额超过5000万美金 丰富的销售经验和房源开发与积累。现主攻于整个纽约市高端住宅租赁和楼盘销售 希望通过我的细心和耐心 提供给每一位客户最佳的选择和轻松满意的体验。

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