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Wanli Gao



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Wanli Gao (栗子) is a licensed real estate agent in New York and serves as a Urban Planning and Architectural Design consultant at ACRE NY Realty. Wanli completed her undergraduate studies in the Urban Planning department at one of China's top three architecture schools. After graduating, she worked at China's largest design institute, obtaining a national junior planner certification. During her tenure, she contributed to numerous large-scale projects, including the planning and design of Beijing's Tongzhou sub-center and the airspace area of Beijing Daxing Airport.

Subsequently, Wanli pursued advanced studies in architectural design in the United States. Following her graduation, she engaged in urban and architectural design work in Atlanta, leading and participating in projects of varying scales across more than 20 different locations in the U.S. Notable projects include the planning and design of Microsoft's technology park, site selection for Apple's innovation center, and Master Plan of Clark Atlanta University.

After becoming a new mom, Wanli ventured into real estate investment and development activities in Atlanta before relocating to New York to become a full-time real estate agent. 

Through her rich educational background and practical experience in both China and the U.S., Wanli has gained comprehensive insights into real estate investment, urban planning and design, site selection, interior decoration, and more.

Wanli Gao(栗子)是一位持有纽约州房地产经纪人执照的专业人士,同时也是ACRE NY Realty的城市规划与建筑设计顾问。Wanli本科毕业于中国排名前三的建筑院校城市规划系,并在中国最大的设计院工作,获得了国家初级规划师证。在职期间,她参与了多个大型项目,包括北京城市副中心通州规划设计、北京大兴机场临空区规划设计等。




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