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Wei Jin



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Wei Jin

Wei (Jackie) Jin is an exceptional individual with a degree in Business Analysis from Fordham University and a wealth of experience spanning multiple domains, including the co-founding of Remer Biotechnology and an extensive background in the restaurant business. He demonstrates outstanding professional acumen and leadership capabilities.

As a certified real estate salesperson based in New York, Jackie possesses an intricate understanding of the real estate market landscape. Through his attentive listening and in-depth analysis, he adeptly captures clients' needs, delivering tailor-made real estate solutions. From purchases to sales, leases to investments, he offers expert advice and precise guidance in every phase, assisting clients in making informed decisions. Whether it's real estate investment, business development, or entrepreneurial innovation, he stands as a dependable professional.

Wei Jin拥有Fordham大学商业分析专业学位,并在多个领域拥有丰富的经验,包括Remer生物技术的联合创始以及餐饮业务。他展现出出色的专业能力和领导才能。

作为一名纽约持证地产经纪人,Wei Jin对房地产市场有着精深的理解。通过细致的倾听和深入的分析,他能够准确地捕捉客户的需求,提供量身定制的房地产解决方案。无论是购买、销售、租赁还是投资,他都能够在每个阶段提供专业建议和精准的指导,帮助客户做出明智的决策。无论是房地产投资、业务拓展还是创业创新,他都是一个值得信赖的专业人士。

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