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Zhi Jiang



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Jiang Zhi is a licensed Real Estate Agent in New York State, specializing in property buying, selling, and renting. With more than 20 years of residency in New York City, Jiang has acquired an in-depth understanding of the city's diverse neighborhoods.

Whether you're seeking a property in a top-rated school district for your child's education or an investment property that promises high returns and significant potential for appreciation, Jiang is your go-to realtor. He is adept at navigating the intricate process of screening qualified tenants for rental properties.

Jiang's robust sense of responsibility, unwavering patience with clients, and steadfast commitment to integrity set him apart in the industry. He strives to provide comprehensive services in New York property buying, renting, and management, ensuring you can smoothly transition into your New York home. Trust Jiang Zhi to guide you every step of the way in your real estate journey.

Zhi Jiang,纽约州持牌房地产经纪人。专业买卖房屋、租房,经验丰富。在纽约市生活了20多年,熟悉纽约的各个区。无论您是为孩子的上学寻找学区房,还是投资回报率高、升值潜力大的投资房,我都是您值得信赖的地产经纪。我熟悉筛选合格租户出租物业的全过程和细节.我有强烈的责任感,对客户有耐心,100% 正直。我将竭尽全力为您提供纽约购房、租赁、物业管理服务,助您在纽约购房安家。

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