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XianCong(Rudy) Li

Sales Manager


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Rudy, a native Staten Island resident and a real estate expert with over 5 years of industry experience, is your go-to professional for local real estate needs. Having successfully managed over 10 million in transactions, Rudy leverages his robust social media platform to ensure your home garners the attention of the right buyers. With his seasoned expertise and unparalleled knowledge of the local market, Rudy guarantees a satisfying and rewarding experience when you choose to list your property with him.

Rudy是公司目前驻扎在Staten Island的顶尖地产经纪人,他拥有五年的地产经验,将心比心是他的工作宗旨,每次他都会凭借他的专业知识以及经验,往往能帮助客人发现房子的不容易察觉的问题和帮助客人找到合适的房子。

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