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Xuzheng Li

Sales Manager

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Dylan is a highly energetic agent, consistently delivering unparalleled service to his clients. He boasts two Master’s degrees from esteemed institutions - UCL in London and NYU in New York City. His diverse background, with roots in both Business and the Arts and Humanities, enhances his interpersonal communication skills and enables him to provide both formal and academic advice in residential rentals and sales.

In his early years, Dylan was a street dance teacher, demonstrating an artistic flair that carries over into his real estate practice. His passion for the arts extends to bodybuilding and a personal interest in fashion and styling, even having experience as a fashion model. This unique blend of experiences and interests gives Dylan a distinct edge in the real estate market, allowing him to approach each client and property with a unique perspective.

Dylan作为全能地产中介旨在为他的客人传递最好的服务精神!在加入Acre大家庭前,Dylan毕业于在UCL伦敦大学学院和NYU纽约大学双硕士学位,并且在纽约大学商学院与商学院教授和博士后在市场营销方向进行近为期一年的科研。Dylan的跨学科经历无论是在人文和商科领域都会在租房和买房市场给予他的客人多方面的考究。Dylan在早期还是一名街舞老师(机械舞) 而且热爱于咖啡拉花和健身并且业务也尝试在做一名时装模特。

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