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Ziling (Lynn) Liu

Sales Manager


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Lynn is an experienced and professional real estate salesperson with over four years of industry expertise. Her educational background in business management and business analytics from prestigious universities, combined with her family's involvement in the real estate industry in China, have shaped her keen sensitivity to the latest market trends and prices.

Through her strong connections with top developers and buildings in the Greater New York area, such as Related, New Empire, and Silverline Group, Lynn has achieved remarkable success and was ranked among the top 5 producers within her company in 2022.

Lynn's utmost priority is to provide exceptional service to each client, helping them find the best-valued home that suits their needs. She pays meticulous attention to detail and excels in building strong relationships with her clients, resulting in numerous referrals and repeat business.

With her expertise spanning sales, luxury rentals, real estate investment, and housing trust, Lynn offers comprehensive services to meet diverse client requirements. Fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese, she effectively communicates with clients from various backgrounds. Lynn's ability to understand her clients' preferences and needs, combined with her industry knowledge, allows her to deliver tailored solutions that address their unique circumstances.

Committed to delivering excellent customer service and unwavering in her dedication to finding the best value for her clients, Lynn has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable real estate professional in the Greater New York area.

拥有名校的商业管理和商业分析的学历背景,作为一个专业的房地产销售人员,Lynn对最新的市场趋势和市场价格高度敏感,并能帮助留学生/Young Professionals 找到性价比很高,最符合客人需求的房源。另外, Lynn与很多开放商和大楼都保持着紧密的合作关系,比如 Extell 和Related。作为注重细节和有耐心的销售人员, Lynn总能跟客人建立良好的关系, 然后让现有的客人 refer 更多 potential 的客人。

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