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Ziting (Mona) Shen

Sales Manager

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With an impressive track record spanning over five years in the real estate industry, Ziting (Mona) Shen has carved out a reputation as a diligent broker who skillfully combines intellect, industry knowledge, and sensitivity to help her clients actualize their real estate ambitions. The fact that her clientele is predominantly referral-based is a testament to her unwavering commitment and expertise.

Mona's charismatic personality and stellar career accomplishments have earned her recognition both within and beyond the industry. Ever the consummate professional, Mona upholds the highest ethical standards, forging productive relationships with all her professional contacts without compromising her integrity.

Beyond her exceptional interpersonal skills, Mona's keen intelligence, intuitive understanding, empathy, and sensitivity to her clients' specific needs are noteworthy. Coupled with her superior negotiation abilities, she pays meticulous attention to the unique characteristics of each property, ensuring smooth transactions that prioritize her clients' needs.

Before embarking on her journey as a real estate broker, Mona was a fashion designer, a role that honed her ability to find beauty in the minutiae. An ardent lover of life, art, and beauty, Mona seeks to infuse these elements into her everyday life. Her role as a real estate broker is more than a job to her; it's a manifestation of her passion and professionalism. To Mona, assisting others in their real estate endeavors is one of life's most rewarding arts.

Mona specializes in the buying, selling, and high-end leasing of luxury residential properties in New York City. She eagerly awaits the opportunity to meet you and guide you on your real estate journey. Reach out today and let Mona bring her unique blend of artistry and expertise to your home search.

主营业务:纽约luxury condo 买卖; 海外买家地产投资项目交易。


工作经历: 5年纽约地产工作经验,服装设计出身,在上海和纽约分别在时尚产业工作1年,2017年进入纽约地产行业, 从此开启了新的职业篇章,期间帮助上百位客户在纽约安家,客户好评率100%。



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