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The Frame Astoria

The Frame Astoria

Emerging from the core of Astoria, The Frame Astoria is a 6-story 20 units boutique condo. Conceived by a renowned developer Silverline Group. The Frame Astoria features elegantly styled condos, with options for diverse units mix. 


The interior design of the space combines the rustic elegance of white oak flooring with wooden furniture, creating a refined yet cozy atmosphere. Each unit basks in a cascade of natural light, bestowing the interiors with a luminous clarity that elevates the ambiance. This architectural approach seamlessly blends aesthetics with practicality, providing residents with a sanctuary filled with light and warmth, where every moment is imbued with an air of sophistication and tranquility.

What makes The Frame Astoria even more appealing are the attractive amenities. Above all, the prime location provides convenient access to the transportation and  an extensive array of local facilities. For more information, please visit

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