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Ziting (Mona) Shen

Sales Manager

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With over 5 years of experience in the real estate industry, Ziting (Mona) Shen has built a reputation as a hard-working broker with the intellect, knowledge, sensitivity, and expertise to assist all of her clients in realizing their real estate goals. She has a predominantly referral-based clientele which is a testament to these attributes.


Mona’s warm personality and her career accomplishments have won her recognition inside and outside the industry. Always a consummate professional, Mona never departs from the highest ethical standards while thriving on the remarkably productive relationships she develops with whomever she deals with professionally.


Besides her unusual interpersonal skills, her intelligence, intuition, empathy, and sensitivity to clients’ specific requirements, Mona possesses superior negotiating skills. She is attentive to the unique qualities of each property, ensuring that all transactions proceed smoothly, and always puts her clients’ needs first.


Before she is a real estate broker, she was a fashion designer. Mona loves life very much and is good at finding beauty in details. She loves art and is willing to integrate it into life. She loves her work as a real estate broker and believes that helping others with her professionalism and passion is one of the most beautiful arts of life.


Mona's main business is the buying and selling of high-end residential properties in New York City, as well as high-end leasing. Mona is here looking forward to meeting you.

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