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Welcome to Acre NY Realty's specialized webpage on renting homes. Venturing into the rental market can be overwhelming, but you're not alone in this. With our comprehensive collection of articles that shed light on every aspect of the renting process, Acre NY Realty stands by your side. Dive in, and let us simplify your rental journey, making it more transparent and enjoyable.

Acre Realty Rental Services

The luxury rental market in NYC is ever-expanding, providing renters with an unparalleled number of options in both lifestyle needs and aesthetic. Navigating through this market can quickly become overwhelming and incredibly time consuming. By working with our team, renters access a wealth of knowledge and exclusive relationships.


New York First-time Renting Guide

For those who are renting a house in New York for the first time, congratulations on embarking on a new journey in a new city! The mission of ACRE NY is to accompany and assist you in easily settling into your new home! So, before we start this journey, let's get to know some basic information about renting a house in New York!


International students with insufficient salary? Don't understand the guarantor process? Essential rental details you must know when renting in New York!

New York’s rental apartments have different requirements for tentats. Typically, well-managed mid-to-high-end properties require a good credit record, no criminal record, and an annual income that is 40-45 times the rent. So, how can international students meet these residency requirements?


How to Evict a Tenant in New York

Being a landlord in New York is not an easy task, especially when faced with tenants who refuse to pay rent or won't leave. Many landlords don’t know how they can deal with this kind of situation. This article will introduce the legal measures landlords can take to evict such rogue tenants.

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