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Qiyin Deng



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Hello there! Im' delighted to introduce myself to you. My name is QIYIN DENG, you can call me QD, Ibring a wealth of experience as a seasoned customer service professional, complemented by a strong foundation in sales. My goal is to harness my expertise to excel in fulfilling sales roles, contributing my best to ensure success.

Throughout my journey, I've finely tuned my customer service skills, nurturing exceptional experiences for clients and fostering long-lasting connections. My passion for sales has empowered me to effectively convey value propositions and secure deals that drive business growth.

At my core, I'm an organized individual, adept at managing tasks and responsibilities for optimal outcomes. Networking is an inherent strength, enabling me to forge meaningful industry relationships that encourage collaboration and shared growth. My strategic approach to negotiation consistently leads to outcomes that benefit all parties involved.

My personal qualities add depth to my professional profile. I'm a beacon of positivity, kindness, and principled ethics, and I thrive as a team player, valuing cooperation and mutual success. Beyond my professional endeavors, l'm a creative soul. Cooking and baking are my artistic outlets, bringing me joy as I create delectabletreats. Traveling is myway of discovering the world's wonders, expanding my horizons and knowledge.

Sports-wise, badminton holds a special place in my heart. Its blend ofintensity and finesse captivates me like no other. I'm also drawn to beautv in its various

forms. Thisappreciation extends to my knack for identifying exceptional properties- my high standards and keen eye make me adept at recognizing valuable opportunities.

In conclusion, my multifaceted background, encompassing customer service,

sales, hobbies, and interests, makes me a dynamic individual who is ready to embrace new challenges.

你好呀! 我很高兴向您介绍我自己。我的名字叫邓棋尹,你可以称我为aD, 作为一名经验丰富的容户服务专业人士,我拥有丰富的经验,并辅以坚实的 销售基础。我的目标是利用我的专业知识出色地履行销售职责,尽最大努力 确保成功。

在我的整个旅程中,我不断调整自己的客户服务技能,为客户培养卓越的体 验并建立持久的联系。我对销售的热情使我能够有效地传达价值主张并确保 推动业务增长的交易。

从本质上讲,我是一个有组织的人,善于管理任务和责任以获得最佳结果。 人际网络是一种内在的力量,使我能够建立有意义的行业关系,鼓励协作和 共同成长。我的谈判战略方法始终如一地带来使所有相关方受益的结果。

我的个人品质为我的职业形象增添了深度。我是积极、善良和有原则道德的 灯塔,我作为一名团队合作者蓬勃发展,重视合作和共同成功。除了我的专 业努力之外,我还是一个富有创造力的人。烹饪和烘焙是我的艺术表达方 式,当我创造美味佳肴时给我带来快乐。旅行是我发现世界奇观、拓展视野 和知识的方式。

在体育方面,羽毛球在我心中占有特殊的地位。它的强度和技巧的结合让我 着迷,无与伦比。我也被各种形式的美所吸引。这种欣赏延伸到了我识别 特殊房产的技巧——我的高标准和敏說的眼光使我善于识别有价值的机会。

总之,我的多方面背景,包括客户服务、销售、爱好和兴趣,使我成为一个 充满活力的人,随时准备迎接新的挑战。

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