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Suki Su



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With a specialization in serving real estate and legal professionals, Suki possesses a personal connection to her clients. Rooted in a family of business owners and healthcare providers, advocating for both industries comes naturally to her. When it comes to properties, Suki focuses on three key aspects:

1. It's about integrity—standing in your shoes to find homes customized just for you.

2. You're the priority;armed with professional negotiation skills, she is all in to fight for your rights.

3. Keeping a close watch on market trends, constantly leveling up her expertise to provide you with top-notch real estate and investment advice.

Suki thrives using her negotiating power, emotional intelligence, and real estate experience to help her clients prosper and grow. When working with Suki, you get a partner invested in your long-term success, dedicated to helping you take your business to the next level.

Leveraging her extensive network, Suki identifies properties that best suit your specialty, budget, and objectives. Working with Suki provides exclusive access to off-market properties and valuable connections to renowned financial advisors, attorneys, designers, and contractors – all geared towards helping you create your ideal space.

Suki embodies a comprehensive package: a determined go-getter skilled in deal-making, an innate real estate expert with a talent for finding the perfect space, and a conscientious mother who recognizes the importance of the right environment for fostering happiness, efficiency, and success.

She caters to various real estate needs, including lease renewals, leases, subleases, sales, and representation services for buyers, tenants, and property owners.

Please feel free to contact her for collaboration 


Phone: (929)233-2091

Suki Su 是一名来自中国的少数民族,出生在从业医疗保健的商贾之家,从小耳濡目染: 深知如何定义和寻找健康安全的居住环境;定居纽约十年,精通房地产和法律行业;做人做事坚持3个基本理念: 

1. 诚信为本,站在您的角度, 找为您量身定做的房源.

2. 客户至上, 专业的谈判能力和技巧,百分百为您争取权益.

3. 随时监控市场动态,不断提升专业知识以为客户提供房地产和投资建议.

作为孩子的母亲,Suki对生活品质和环境要求更高,确保每次房产交易都精心考虑,满足家庭独特需求。Suki工作不仅是提供专业服务,更是通过精心挑选房产,为客户打造安心舒适的家. 同时,Suki在纽约有着非常强的社交圈,根据您需求可以为您推荐专业的华尔街金融家,知名银行贷款经纪,Top律师楼大律师,经验建筑师绘图师,四大CPA,高效率华人建造团队,帮助您寻找,设计和建造您梦想中的家.



微信: NYC123Suki 

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