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Yunhe(Stephen) Tian


(347) 940 1440

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Stephen Tian is a seasoned real estate consultant, possessing a wealth of experience and a unique skill set honed from his eight-year educational journey in the United States, beginning in high school. This has endowed him with seamless bilingual communication abilities.

Before diving into the real estate sector, Stephen acquired a Bachelor's degree in Economics from The Ohio State University and a Master's degree in Applied Analytics from Columbia University in New York City. This rigorous academic training has provided him with a sharp understanding of the industry and an unparalleled ability to quantitatively analyze market data.

Upon joining ACRE NY, Stephen quickly ascended to the position of a senior broker in New York's Upper West area. His intimate familiarity with the environment surrounding Columbia University, along with his sincere and patient demeanor, have been instrumental in his success.

Stephen Tian是一名专业的房地产顾问。从高中开始长达8年的美国求学经历,让他具有流利的 双语沟通能力。在加入房地产行业之前,Stephen在俄亥俄州立大学学习并获得了经济学学士学位,随后在纽约 哥伦比亚大学获得应用分析学硕士学位。这使他有着对行业敏锐的洞察力,以及对市场数据量化 分析的能力。

自从加入ACRE NY以来,他凭借着对哥伦比亚大学周边环境的熟悉,真诚耐心的服务态度成为公 司在纽约上西区域的资深经纪人。 

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