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Linfen Ruan

Sales Manager

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I am Candy, a New York resident of 8 years and a graduate of the Information Management Department at New York University. With my extensive knowledge of life in New York and years of experience in property rentals, sales, and purchases, I bring a deep understanding of the real estate market to my clients. Additionally, I have successfully trained and managed an entire sales team, leveraging my strong management and sales background.

Since joining Acre, I have continued to enhance my skills and broaden my expertise. I am grateful for the growth and experiences I have gained with the support of the entire Acre team. My primary focus lies in the sale and purchase of high-end apartments and investment transactions. With a wealth of experience in listing properties, I am committed to assisting all Aiju customers in finding their ideal homes, whether for purchase or rental.

The resources provided by the company empower both myself and my team to continuously grow and succeed. As the saying goes, "Opportunities are for those who are prepared, and with hard work, success is inevitable!"

我是在纽约生活8年的candy,毕业于纽约大学信息管理系。我对纽约生活有着深刻的了解,做纽约租房以及买卖有十足的经验。我自己培养了一整个销售团队,拥有丰富的管理经验以及销售经验,来到acre 之后我更加丰富了自己,感谢acre 整个团队带给我的成长与经历。我主攻高级公寓买卖,投资买卖。对于listing有足够的经验,会以最努力的态度帮助所有纽约爱居客买到最满意的房子,租到最满意的房子, 公司的足够资源让我与我的团队不停的在成长。


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