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Mario Wang

Sales Manager

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Mario Wang stands as a distinguished broker in New York City, a testament to his numerous significant transactions that underscore his prowess in the field. His proven track record in residential sales spans across Manhattan and Long Island City, attracting clients from around the globe, including the United Kingdom, Taipei, Singapore, Turkey, and Hong Kong. Beyond being a market-savvy professional, Mario is a genuine, self-driven individual who firmly believes in the power of relationships over transactions as the cornerstone of success.


As a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE), a distinction held by only 5% of real estate agents, Mario recognizes the pivotal role of negotiation in every transaction. His clients often marvel at the finesse with which he handles this crucial aspect. Mario's strong finance and investment background, coupled with his extensive experience in wealth management and real estate investment, makes him an invaluable asset to both local and international high net worth individuals.


Mario's prowess extends to his effective utilization of social media platforms, excelling in contemporary marketing strategies to sell real estate through compelling content. His presence can be found across various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, TikTok, and Red, providing a wide outreach.


When he's not busy showcasing and selling apartments, Mario can be found soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of SoHo, shooting hoops in the local basketball league, or volunteering for the New York Restoration Project, an initiative that dedicates private resources to the restoration and revitalization of NYC’s green spaces.

Mario Wang 是纽约市一位非常成功的经纪人,他在业务上的卓越表现为许多重大交易所凸显。Mario Wang 在曼哈顿和长岛市的住宅销售领域拥有出色的业绩,他的客户遍布世界各地,包括英国、台北、新加坡、土耳其、香港等地。他不仅是一位精明的市场专业人士,而且是一个真诚、坚定、自我激励的个体,坚信人际关系胜过交易,是成功的真正关键。

Mario Wang 还是一位认证谈判专家(CNE),在房地产代理中,只有5%的人拥有这个证书。他相信谈判是整个交易过程中最重要的部分。而您会惊讶地发现,Mario Wang 为您进行的谈判做得非常出色。凭借扎实的金融和投资背景知识,Mario Wang 在财富管理和房地产投资方面拥有丰富的经验,包括本地和国际高净值个人。

Mario Wang 在社交媒体方面也非常活跃,他擅长运用当代营销手段,并通过出色的社交媒体技能和内容来推销房地产。您可以在YouTube、Facebook、Instagram、微信、抖音、小红书等平台上轻松找到他。

在没有展示和销售公寓的时候,Mario Wang 会在Soho街区探索,参加篮球联赛,或者为纽约复原项目(New York Restoration Project)做志愿者,该项目利用私人资源恢复和振兴纽约市的绿色空间。

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