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Zihui (Cathy) Huang

Zihui (Cathy) Huang


(917) 868-6875

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A millionaire real estate broker in New York, who is also the founder & CEO of Acre NY Realty. Since graduating, Cathy has devoted herself to the real estate industry, continuously expanding her network and establishing deep, long-term relationships with several developers. In 2021, Cathy founded Acre NY Realty in New York. The company boasts over 100 licensed agents and has several branches in New York, New Jersey, and other locations.

In addition to her passion and understanding of the real estate industry, Cathy is also an expert in social media marketing. In 2017, she founded and managed Sofun, an event planning company in New York City with over 50 employees. She successfully organized over 50 events, from initial planning to post-event feedback, and built an online community of over 4,300 participants.

With her precise grasp of market dynamics and media trends and focusing on comprehensive one-stop services and digital means as her core competitive strengths, Cathy led Acre to achieve an annual sales volume of 400 million US dollars, ranking among the top five Chinese real estate companies in New York.

纽约知名地产品牌——Acre NY Realty纽约爱居客创始人兼CEO,纽约百万地产经纪人。自毕业以后,Cathy Huang投身于房地产行业,不断拓宽渠道,与多家开发商建立了深厚的长期合作关系。2021年,Cathy在纽约创立了Acre NY Realty。公司拥有100多名持证经纪人,在纽约、新泽西等地有多家分部。



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